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We are a passionate digital sports company that produces and broadcasts content related to equestrian sports. We build and maintain our applications in house, starting from automatically operating cameras at the venues all until our customers favorite devices like smart tv, mobile apps or desktop. With rights to broadcast the most significant equestrian sporting events all over Europe and the USA, we are the industry’s largest content provider company for fans of equestrian sports.

ClipMyHorse.TV is  striving to deliver the best and most valuable content to our customers using modern, state-of-the-art tech-stacks and always looking for the next innovative technology to improve our products. Our international teams work in a friendly and collaborative atmosphere with the main focus on the product, not the deadline. And because it is your life, you should be willing to make decisions on your own: You want to work from home? No problem! Do you like being around other team members? Welcome to the office. You like to try out that new tool or refactor a piece of code: feel free to do so! Join us on our way to become the Netflix of equestrian sports.


(Senior) Backend Developer



You will plan, develop, and implement new features on our product in the form of API, Web Application, and services. You will work with PHP and Symfony and/or Laravel developing applications in an environment that values good programming practices and agile methods.

We are looking for developers who like to learn new things, and who love what they do.


Requirements and skills

  • Have autonomy, self-management capacity and self-organization for work;
  • Capacity to evaluate and understand the impact of your work on the product and in the company’s business;
  • Have a history of work on professionally relevant projects or FOSS projects;
  • PHP and some web framework (preferably Symfony and/or Laravel);
  • Basic knowledge of frontend technologies;;
  • Automated testing;
  • Usage and modeling of REST APIs;
  • Relational database data modeling and usage (preferably MySQL);
  • Object-Oriented design and architecture (e.g., SOLID Principles, Object Calisthenics, etc.);
  • Building applications following Domain-driven Design
  • Experience in building cloud-native applications;
  • Git;
  • English (speaking, reading and writing).



The items below are not mandatory, but make you shine!

  • Knowledge or certifications in AWS
  • Experience in building microservices or serverless applications
  • Knowledge in other languages such as Golang
  • Experience with remote work;
  • Some experience in other content and/or broadcast companies.


Additional information

All open positions are full-time and unlimited and it’s up to you from where you want to work. To give you some ideas on what we are currently working on:

  1. Clients: We have the big goal to harmonize the UX and development of our client applications.This involves creating flexible and optimized APIs that fulfill the needs of the different clients, starting from SmartTV or mobile app to administrative interfaces used by our content or event managers. All clients are working based on React.JS or related frameworks and the backends need to provide the necessary information in the best possible way, optimized for performance and individualization. This could be classical content management, personalized recommendations based on past usage of our platform, social reactions & chats between users or live interactions with streams and users.
  2. The marketplace: In a different team, you are responsible for launching and further developing an online horse market for ClipMyHorse.TV. Based on a concept similar to what you know from online marketplaces in the car or real estate sector, we want to create a horse market with the more than 200.000 horses that have been recorded in our system. We have big plans for future enhancements such as offering financing when buying a horse for the user or a concierge service where the user asks us to find the best possible horse for him based on user defined parameters.


Your Team

We have a friendly and relaxed environment where everyone helps and respects each other. We foster autonomy and courage. We work to deliver the best software for our customers to enable them to access our content efficiently and with quality.

We prefer delivering quality software over taking shortcuts that could provide a faster but questionable quality product.

We value new ideas, creativity, confidence, friendship, and good humor because we believe these characteristics create better teams, and good teams create fantastic software.

Our daily work at ClipMyHorse is challenging and has a healthy pressure that allows an excellent balance between personal life and work. We understand that a healthy and disciplined work routine brings better productivity results. In the famous Aesop’s fable „The Hare and The Tortoise,“ we cheered for the Tortoise because slow and steady wins the race.

We have a high flexibility in working hours and offer remote work.

Our product always needs to evolve, and we have the following practices and technologies to make it happen:

  • Small teams focused on specific parts of the product
  • Agile Methods and Practices
  • Remote work
  • Code Reviews
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • LEMP-Stacks
  • Laravel and/or Symfony
  • Serverless
  • Git
  • Automated Testing
  • Next.js



Send your application to jobs@clipmyhorse.tv.


Weitere Informationen

  • Land Deutschland
  • Branche Sonstige Branchen
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ClipMyHorse.TV ist der führende Livestream-Anbieter für Pferdesport- und Zuchtveranstaltungen in Europa. Das ClipMyHorse.TV Programm besteht aus Livestreams und einer Mediathek welche weltweit zu erreichen sind. Sowohl große, internationale als auch regionale Reitsport- und Pferdezuchtevents aus mehr als 200 Ländern der ganzen Welt werden auf ClipMyHorse.TV ausgestrahlt. Mehr als 800 Events, darunter auch Championate wie Welt- und Europameisterschaften werden jedes Jahr übertragen. Unsere Reichweite wird kontinuierlich über den Ausbau neuer Kommunikations-Kanäle erweitert.

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